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Black & Red Belt Workshop – A Great Learning Experience

August 14th, 2010

The workshop may be over, but the knowledge and experience imparted by JGM Good will remain with us for long to come.  Last night’s workshop was absolutly one of the best learning experiences I’ve been to in many years.  The opportunity to have a 7th Dan spend three hours focusing on advanced techniques is priceless, so if you missed it, you missed a lot!

Thank you JGM Good for spending your time with us and we look forward to the next opportunity!

Mr. La Vigne

Date:     8/13/2010 Friday night
Time:   6 – 9 pm    (Lline-up BEFORE 6pm)
Location: St Mark’s Lutheran Church
                        1934 52nd Street SE, Kentwood, MI
Fee: $5 per person for ALL ranks. (bring waiver & payment)
Waiver: Click here to download waiver in PDF format

Uniform: White uniform pants and a t-shirt (tkd shoes are okay if you have a medical condition, tennis shoes are not okay – unless 7th Dan or higher)
Bring: targets, pads, armor/head gear (if enough time we will use), large kicking pads (shields)

Topics to be covered:
1/ Proper way to do stretching exercise (as was taught by GM Park)
2/ How to do Basics (you think you know? really??)
3/ Forms the way I was taught by GM Park (not the version some do)
4/ Advanced 1-step
5/ Manners and Etiquette
6/ If time a couple of other items

Oh one more thing ……. if you are coming from the Great State of New York, you need not pay.

And come with an open mind and closed mouth.�
If ones cup is full how can one put more in?�
If one is talking how can one hear?

IF you have someone you wish to include in coming to this class please email me as room is limited.

JGM Mark D Good