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Black Belt Test – Special Class: Wed. 9/21 8pm

September 16th, 2011

On Wednesday, September 21st there will be a special class for students testing for their black belt on October 1st.

Class time will be 8:00pm – ? (probably 30 to 45 minutes tops)
Location: Korean TKD School – Hahn-In CRC GYM
Street clothes are fine for this.

If someone cannot make it then I will send an email with what we covered. Live would be better but the email might be enough.

Test Date is October1, 2011 (on the Kukkiwon form should be 11.11.2011).
Testers and BB should be there before 9am ready to go as we will run through it all again in like 10 minutes.
Test will start 9:30am.

If you need boards let me know so I can bring them.


Black Belt Promotion Test: Saturday, October 1st

September 4th, 2011

Black Belt Promotion Test:   Saturday, October 1st*
Location:  Westwood Middle School
Time:  9am – be there ready to go! / 9:30am – Test starts

* On Sept 21 there will be a SPECIAL CLASS for all testing, instructors should be there. THOSE TESTING NEED TO BE THERE. IT IS THEIR TEST. No uniforms. Time is 8pm til done.

~ Paperwork to JGM Good by 9/21!
~ Check the Resouces page for breaking requirements
~ You must let JGM Good know how many boards you need PRIOR to the test!