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2017 Referee Training Seminars

April 27th, 2017

Master Williams and I want to invite everyone for referee/ tournament volunteer training for 2017.

We are focusing on current rules and scoring, referee commands, signals and attire (yes there are some changes for this year), the ringmaster scoring system, the Daedo scoring system and bracket training.

It’s very important that we as an organization are prepared to host a successful tournament for Nationals in August. This is why we would like as many Master Instructors as possible to attend at least one of the training sessions. We all want to be on the same page and look professional and prepared at the tournament.

Master Wrona will also be present at the Grand Rapids training(s) to cover bracket training. As you know, this is a crucial component of a tournament that runs smoothly.

Let’s all work together for another successful event!

All red belts and black belts are encouraged to attend. If there are blue belts that really want to learn, they are also welcome.

Jackson YMCA
May 6th

Grand Rapids
Orchard Hills Church
May 20th

Knoxville, TN
June 10th
Time TBD by JGM Lewis (before the opening ceremony of the TN tournament)

Grand Rapids
Orchard Hills Church
July 15th

If you have any questions please let Master Wrona, Master Williams or myself know.

Thank you,
Master Dr Rachel Harshbarger