Grand Master MD Good (74)

Mark Good (Tae Park Institute)


Born in Jackson, Michigan on May 19, 1955.
Currently (as of 2017) living in Kentwood, MI with his wife, Xu Min (Maria), who were married in Ping Ding Shan City, China in November, 2000. Xu (Maria) and Mark have one son.  Mrs. Good also holds a the rank of 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do and has won several Gold Medals for sparring and forms.
Started TKD at the Y-Center in Jackson under Grand Master Tae Z Park 12.2.74.
Attended classes through the Y-Center and Jackson Community College for 4 nights a week with 3 – 4 hours of practice a night.
First Dan test on 7.31.76 along with 17 others for 1st Dan and one student for 2nd Dan with 11 judges present.
Competed in tournaments in Iowa in 1975 as a Green Belt, then in 1976 and 1977 as a Black Belt.
Tested 7th Dan in October of 2003, Kukkiwon registered.
Tested 8th Dan Grand Master in April of 2018.
Moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan February 1977 with Master Kiwan Hong who now resides in California.
Started teaching in GR April 1977 (teaching in West Michigan since 1977).
Traveled to seminars held by Grand Master Hae Man Park and Grand Master Tae Park in the USA and abroad.
Awarded the Title of “Best Master Instructor” in 1993 by Grand Master Hae Man Park.
First tournament director for the Tae Park World Class Championships in 1995 open to all ranks with 463 competitors.
Team Leader for trips to South Korea in 1996 and 2008.
Has trained students that have competed (some successfully) in the USA, Asia, Europe, and South America.
Has two students reach the rank of 6th Dan, two 5th Dans, seven 4th Dans and one grand-student 5th Dan, and two grand-students 4th Dan.
Has 400 black belts under him since 1977 through 2012.
Tae Kwon Do Trips: Korea five times, Spain once, China eight times (some mainly to visit wife but still with Martial Arts in mind). Visited the city of Shaolin and two temples one being the famous Shaolin Temple. Also in the USA various states for seminars and tournaments and promotion tests.
One of Grand Master Tae Zee Park’s few “Original Students” still involved and one of two still teaching in the dojang (class/gym) today in Grand Master Tae Park’s organization.
Currently has 22 locations under his direction in West Michigan Kansas City (MO.), Rochester (NY) and Webster (NY)
Special Assistant to GM Park in Board of Directors matters.
JGM Good has been working for the United States Postal Service since 1986. His families history of working for the USPS dates back to his father’s father who started there around 1920 and thus now Mark is the last in a long line of Good family members working there. JGM Good has retired from the USPS and this year, he will devote even more time as an advisor to all those Instructors and students.
JGM believes one should get what one earns. Pay for it with hard work, sweat, and determination. Not with the almighty dollar or by knowing someone.
He believes you do Tae Kwon Do – one does not play or dance Tae Kwon Do.