Hello All,

This week I announced my retirement from Allegiance effective January 9, 2015. After that time I’ve agreed to consult on a part time basis to help with the transition. I’ve been the Vice President of Information Services and Chief Information Officer at Allegiance for 29 years in service to the nonprofit health system on behalf of the Jackson community. Over that time my responsibilities continuously grew. In 1985 when I started I had 10 people reporting to me. Now I have 180. Then the hospital had three information systems. Now it has over 300 effecting virtually all aspects of healthcare. It has been a very demanding and fulfilling career, but it is now time to start a new chapter in my life.

I plan to spend more time with my family, travel more and, of course, focus more on growing Taekwondo.

GM Rick Warren

PS: I couldn’t announce this last weekend, because I had not yet told my staff, who deserved to hear it first from me.