For those of you who had not heard, the Gartland famly, and some of their students were in a very seriouos roll-over accident on the way to the Tournament in November. Below is a synopsis of how they are doing, now five weeks after the accident:

Thankfully, only two of the non-family members in the van had anything more than minor bumps and bruses. One of my 2nd Dans had a concussion, and one of the fathers ended up with nine staples in his head.

As for my family, we were in a Pennsylvania hospital from Friday 11/10 to Monday 11/13. Once released from the hospital we made it back home to New York. 

Now home, Garrett has been seen by all sorts of Doctors: Urologists, Pediatric Bone doctors, Occupational & Physical therapists, and at-home nurses. He is wearing a full back/chest brace. He’s back at school but cannot do any lifting, gym or excessive physical activity for the next 3-4 months.

After 4 weeks of red tape with the NY medical community, Jaci is just now receiving medical care. She is in the most pain of anyone in the family, and endures the most inconvenience as she can’t drive and has to wear a neck brace 24×7.

All in all the prognosis for everyone is 100% recovery, and for that we are thankful!

Mr Greg Gartland