This test will NOT follow our normal procedures.

1. Due to the need to provide a safe environment for all participants, entry into the building will be limited. Students testing are required to remain in their cars in the parking lot. When it is your time to enter the building, you will receive a text message*. At that point, only the student and parents will be allowed into the building. Everyone coming into the building has to wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask on, then please do not show up as you will not be allowed in.
* Be sure to provide the mobile phone number of someone who will be in your car to your instructor, and put it on your test form.

2. The test format will be modified. Everyone will perform Basics & Forms. Yellow-belt and higher will also do Basic Kick. There will be no sparring.

3. TIME:
6:30 pm – Be in the parking lot, ready to go
6:40 pm – Test Begins

5625 Burlingame Ave SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Questions? Please see your instructor.

Visit the Resources page for more information about testing.